How it works

The technical concept consists of three main Dualog components as illustrated below:

Dualog diagram


    The three components summarised:

    1. A client software installed on board the ship - Connection Suite Ship
    2. A server software running at the new high quality  Dualog Data Center in Denmark - Connection Suite Cloud.
    3. A third component, the Customer Portal, allows authorised shore based shipping company staff access to Dualog Connection Suite Server via a web browser.

    Dualog Connection Suite Ship systems are entirely configurable from shore via the Customer Portal. There are numerous advantages:

    • Tight integration between ship and shore systems

    • Reduced remote support / travel

    • Configuration options can, if required, be made inaccessible to on board users

    The Connection Suite software has a bidirectional replication subsystem that handles remote configuration, position reporting and traffic logs. For maximum cost efficiency, replication updates are transferred only within data communication sessions.

    If a configuration change is made (ship or shore) transactional data is replicated during the next communication session. Shore Administrators, using, have full control over the Dualog Connection Suite configuration on each ship.

    A very important feature of Connection Suite are the terms "User" and "User Groups" which are defined at and replicated to all vessels. Users may be put into different User Groups that may be allocated different rights when it comes to use of the ship's communication systems and associated IT Services - e.g. Crew E-mail and Internet access onboard.

    User details may be distributed to the whole fleet of vessels very efficient using an automated method that starts at the company's Crewing System(s) as illustrated below.


    Crew Account Management